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Track Title: Loved You First

Artist: One Direction

Album: Take Me Home: Yearbook Edition
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endless list of movies ▶ O B V I O U S   C H I L D (2014)
     ”I remember seeing a condom; I just don’t know exactly what it did.”
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Track Title: 1901 (Phoenix Cover)

Artist: Birdy

It’s twenty seconds till the last call,
Callin’ hey hey hey hey hey hey
Lie down you know it’s easy,
Like we did it through summer long.

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The Grand Budapest Hotel (dir. by Wes Anderson, 2014)

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Production DesignMoon (2009)

Well, my generation of geek was a big fan of films like ‘Outland’ and ‘Silent Running’ and the original ‘Alien.’ Those kinds of science fiction movies were more about the character and sort of human qualities than about the technology. I love those films and I miss those films in some ways, and we wanted to create something which felt comfortable within that canon of those science fiction films from the sort of late seventies to early eighties. - director Duncan Jones; P.D. by Tony Noble

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Eva Green behind the scenes for Campari Calendar 2015

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Some people fuck up all the time.

You left Kira with Mrs. S overnight and you didn’t come back for 10 months!
I'm trying to fix it.